Saturday, March 14, 2009


SOOO, i gotta say. race day was a success for rachel and i. and of course, our first vehicle made under our newly published company. We are proud to present to you all, KCRA's first balloon car, "Pinky the Star".
Now that Pink the Star is in the market, we are proud to show you(publicly on this blog) how she looks. We'll also show you videos of our trials and test runs that brought us to achieving almost 13metres on race day!

With a pink body, with a pink balloon, and pink wheels(that have high school musical stickers on it), we also have a license plate. . . . beautiful isnt it? hahaha
Working with Rachel on this balloon car was great! Our company turned out well established with all the creativity and sparky ideas we have together. Look out for more balloon cars under KCRA in the future!

the mess we made!

helllo beautiful!


"Deleted Scenes"

Friday, March 13, 2009

Final Blog: Post-Race Day

Hey everyone, it's Rice and Juice checking in one last time.

I am happy to announce that Kelly and I's balloon car won second place on Race Day. Labelled by the public as the "Barbie Convertible", our vehicle obtained results that went well-beyond our expectations. With its combination of large, sturdy wheels and lightweight design, BC exceeded the twelve metre mark, and both its creators are ecstatic about the outcome.

It all payed off, after all of the blood (literally), sweat (lots of it) and tears (just Kelly). Here's Juice herself posting our videos and photos of BC before Race Day.

Rice, OUT!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


rachel speaking --

okay so i'm pretty gosh darn PSYCHED!

so here it is, folks:
-tissue box body
-customized cd wheels

soo kelly's spicing up this little number right here with some pink type thing and stickers.. honest to goodness.

but it's all good, we're satisfied that it goes well past 5 metres after the modifications ever since the first trial. we're thinking of adding more balloons but THIS IS GOOD ENOUGH.

we have a video recorded from kelly's condo lobby. we did a happy dance after the first run. i think we scared the visitors. look out for that.

i was labelled "the best partner ever" and "really smart but really lazy"... *tear*

im happy to say i had a MIND-BLAHHSTING time doing the science project! it didn't take much time or effort at all.. just some struggles in the beginning, one ingenious idea and we got this thing in no time at all.

we got this thing in the bag!

stay tunedd



kelly: "i gotta say... you make me proud"

shuckss! =')
Okay, so, by 'minor changes', we kind of meant 'major changes'.

Updated materials:
-Tissue box body
-CD wheels
-Kabob axels
-Annoying cardboard sound maker for parties attached to balloon

It's going super-speedy fast, guys.
Be afraid.


So I, Rachel, have sliced my finger pretty deep. By accident, of course. Shows my dedication.

Anyway, the glue is drying and we're ready to assemble our new model. I don't know how many times we've done this but I'm hoping, PRAYING, this will be the last time!

Peace in the Middle East.

Monday, March 9, 2009

List of Changes to Date (Chronological)

So far, KCRA's balloon car has gone through a few changes in terms of appearance, design and materials.

*In order of changes

1) Hot pink all around
2) Hot pink with black flames, black wheels
3) Hot pink body, black wheels

1) 4 wheels, Rectangular body, 1 balloon
2) 4 wheels, Triangular body, 2+x balloons

1) Cardboard, bottle caps, straws, gatorade caps, glue, balloons
2) Foamboard, CD wheels, pipe cleaners, gatorade caps, glue, balloons
3) Cardboard, plastic wheels, straws, gatorade caps, glue, balloons

At this stage, our project will still undergo minor changes. But Kelly and I are confident that our balloon car will ultimately succeed on race day!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


KCRA will be droppping their balloon car out on the roads this wednesday!
We dont want to post any REAL pictures of our car because we want it surprise you all,
So Rachel and I have decided to only put up our pictures of the prototypes. We have a few. You guys can guess which one would be the actual one your seeing soon.