Saturday, March 14, 2009


SOOO, i gotta say. race day was a success for rachel and i. and of course, our first vehicle made under our newly published company. We are proud to present to you all, KCRA's first balloon car, "Pinky the Star".
Now that Pink the Star is in the market, we are proud to show you(publicly on this blog) how she looks. We'll also show you videos of our trials and test runs that brought us to achieving almost 13metres on race day!

With a pink body, with a pink balloon, and pink wheels(that have high school musical stickers on it), we also have a license plate. . . . beautiful isnt it? hahaha
Working with Rachel on this balloon car was great! Our company turned out well established with all the creativity and sparky ideas we have together. Look out for more balloon cars under KCRA in the future!

the mess we made!

helllo beautiful!


"Deleted Scenes"

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