Monday, March 9, 2009

List of Changes to Date (Chronological)

So far, KCRA's balloon car has gone through a few changes in terms of appearance, design and materials.

*In order of changes

1) Hot pink all around
2) Hot pink with black flames, black wheels
3) Hot pink body, black wheels

1) 4 wheels, Rectangular body, 1 balloon
2) 4 wheels, Triangular body, 2+x balloons

1) Cardboard, bottle caps, straws, gatorade caps, glue, balloons
2) Foamboard, CD wheels, pipe cleaners, gatorade caps, glue, balloons
3) Cardboard, plastic wheels, straws, gatorade caps, glue, balloons

At this stage, our project will still undergo minor changes. But Kelly and I are confident that our balloon car will ultimately succeed on race day!

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